Tag Clinic

Tag Clinic

Tag editor/file renamer for MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, FLAC, MPC, & VQF files


  • Lightweight
  • Lots of options
  • Auto extract feature
  • Tag formatting


  • Confusing interface
  • Doesn’t play files
  • No CDDB support

Very good

The idea behind Tag Clinic is simple; a program that will make editing or reformatting your MP3 tags a quick and painless experience. In truth though, what you get is an excellent solution that has been so packed with features that at times it is unnecessarily complex to use.

Although it’s far from bloated in terms of the strain it puts on your processor Tag Clinic loses points for the sheer quantity of options that are presented to the user on the main interface. The design of the interface does you no favors either and the glut of buttons littering the three-windowed menu only serves to confuse you.

Once you finally manage to find the directory containing your music you can begin to experience the powerful features of Tag Clinic. There is a huge number of options for interacting with tags, the most advanced of which must be the auto-extract feature, which will look at the file name and use any details from it to fill in the ID3 tag information for titles, artists, albums and tracks. Formatting the text is also a breeze with options to capitalize the first letters or eliminate any spaces from between words.

Although this is a program for editing tags, it seems to be incomplete because of the lack of an internal player and if you want to preview files you must open your default player. We would also like very much to see some kind of CDDB integration that would pull relevant information about albums from the internet repository.

With its direct editing of tag entries, Tag Clinic does offer a very efficient way to edit your music library’s details; However it could do with a major interface re-design and a few more MP3-relevant features to make the experience that bit more user- friendly.

MP3 Tag Clinic allows you to unload your clunky old tag editor and add some automation to your life. MP3 Tag Clinic's unique spreadsheet-like design places tags in full view while making them all immediately editable, either manually field-by-field or by group, using a robust selection of auto-editing tools and features a click or two away. Select any single tag field or a combination of whole tags to have the same automated editing function applied to all of them at one time.

Tag Clinic supports the renaming of files based upon the tag data they contain, or will create the tag data itself from file names or file paths. Auto-renaming is highly customizable with a straightforward interface allowing the quick creation of your favorite file name formats.

Use a custom format of your own making to rename an entire folder of files at one time, or choose it from a popup menu to rename selected files. Preview and approve new names before they're applied, or undo renames if you change your mind.

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